De`ja Pocahontas Mays
Art Director with a PHD in going viral.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Taste of ATL

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar was rebranded with a new look and feel.
They wanted a dope way toshow off the new look, show that KOZS
pairs with everything, and stand out at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival.

The Idea: Let Atliens taste the flavor of their neighborhoods through Atlanta
neighborhood-inspired cocktails.
This idea blossomed into the project.

 I created the look and feel to pay homage to Atlanta’s urban graffiti culture.

We had the legendary Big Tigger do a dj set and the one and only
Greg Mike do a live Loud Mouf X KOZs mural.


Group Creative Director:
Megan Cross
Art Director: Dèja Mays
Dèja Mays 
Copywriter: Chrisopher Zarb