Art Director | Creative | Problem Solver De`ja Pocahontas Mays

Coca-Cola x Delta Sigma Theta

TDelta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. is historically black sorority with chapters worldwide. 
For their 55th convention, they had it in Atlanta. Deltas at Coca-Cola wanted roll our
the red carpet for heir sorors.  This project was really special to because I am a Delta.
It was honor for my creative director ( she is also a Delta) and I to work on this project for sorors. 

108 years ago, our founders planted seeds to a Garden that has now grown world-wide.
No matter what chapter a Delta crossed, all of our roots remain the same.


We created the Coca-Cola Refresh Garden to give sorors a place to relax and sample our portfolio of drinks.

In our garden, we wanted to create a way to allow for sorors that were not able to travel to Atlanta to
take part in the event as well as show their apprecation for another soror by giving her,her flowers.
Deltas could post a picture using the hashtag #RealDSTMagic, and it would appear on one of the screens in the garden.

We made sure that everything was purposeful...even our collateral. We combined an
illustration of the sorority’s flower with the iconic Coke bottle. ( Our sorors at Coke wanted us to use their
commerative bottle design. This was special because the clients got to help make something that went into the garden.)

At  the back of the activation, we created a photo moment wall. We combined a floral wall , a Delta symbol,
and our hashtag Real DST Magic. ( Pictured is me and some of the clients : ) )