Art Director | Creative | Problem Solver De`ja Pocahontas Mays is perceived to be outdated compared to dating sites
suchs as Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble. Also women tend to feel
unsafe when it comet to online dating.The Link Up by puts
a new twist online dating by putting the control in the woman’s hands.

  Student Work 2018-2019 and Hulu would team up to create interactive
short films on the Hulu platform.Women will be able to walk through an
interactive love story and make choices about what the character should do next.


wViewers would be able to pick how the story continues.

Who should she talk to at the event?
Maybe sparks will fly.

When the movie is over, viewers will be prompted to fill out
quiz to pair them with like minded people.

Link by Match Sign-up

Now, it’s time for our Millennial woman to write her own real life story. facilitates this process with Link by Match — a
new option that makes meeting people in real life safe and fun.
Users are invited to events — just like in the short film— to meet people in real life.
The sign-up process begins right on the Hulu platform or in the Match app.

Example of quiz options they might be prompted with.
See the events that match your interests.

Attend a pop up event.

Meet link-minded people.


Art Directors: De`ja Mays, Kendra Little, & Shivani Shah
 Copy Writer : Mya Passmore
Strategist: Orly Rodriguez